Working with a Custom Cabinetmaker

Working with a Custom Cabinetmaker

Thinking about getting custom cabinets for your home? Then you know you’re in for a big emotional and financial commitment. This is why the cabinet company you choose will be key, and why we’re impressed by this article from, What to Know About Working with a Custom Cabinetmaker. Four industry pros provide tips on what to look for in hiring a custom cabinetmaker. We recommend that you choose one ­of ­a ­kind Grabill cabinets.


What to Know About Working with a Custom Cabinetmaker

Experts Vince Lisanti of CCS Woodworks, Rock Hill, New York; Erin Braam and the team at Braam’s Custom Cabinets, Toronto; Brian Berg of Rockwood Cabinetry, Beaverton, Ore.; and Mayan Metzler of Leicht in New York City give their views on what you need to know before contracting with a custom cabinetmaker.

What homeowners should consider when going the custom route

Vince believes two biggest factors for choosing custom are attention to detail in the design phase and having the ability to seamlessly match millwork, trim or furniture pieces with the custom cabinetry.

Erin points out that the custom option guarantees that your designer will always work with a fresh, new perspective, giving you a unique product.

Brian says that custom shops use superior materials, hardware and construction methods, resulting in cabinets that will stand up to more wear and tear than cheaper alternatives.

Mayan recommends that you look for a custom cabinetmaker who exhibits quality, stability, consistency and has a good reputation.

Technologies used to help clients visualize the results

All the experts use some sort of 3D software that enables clients to view full­color images of the proposed cabinetwork in various elevations, and to rotate the cabinets so clients can see them from different angles.

Berg’s software also generates cut parts for all of the cabinets and facilitates the creation of photorealistic renderings. Metzler’s system includes their preloaded catalogs, and can generate a detailed item list with pricing.

Pricing structure

Berg uses a general pricing structure based on lineal footage for standard cabinet runs ­­ bases, uppers and full heights. Your price would depend on the cabinet construction method, wood species and upgrades.

Braam charges by the project, and prefers to work with a client’s budget and draft a list of what’s most important. Then, Braam ballparks a figure for the project.

What potential clients should know before hiring a custom cabinetmaker

Lisanti advises that you do your homework and get a feel for the contact person’s passion about his/her craft and their ability to provide information. He also recommends you visit some recently completed projects.

Berg believes you should find a cabinetmaker who enjoys the process of designing and building cabinetry, asks questions up front about how you plan to use your kitchen, presents solutions in response to your concerns and clearly explains your options.

How to know if a cabinetmaker is well qualified, and what you should look for

Braam advises you to look for the number of years the company has been in business to gauge their experience in the industry.

Lisanti and Braam recommend you seek for an owner/operator who has accreditation, while Braam and Berg encourage you to ask for referrals about great cabinetmakers.

Lisanti says you should look for a supplier who displays passion and attention to detail. He adds you should schedule site and shop visits.

Braam suggests that you look for cabinetmakers with affiliations such as the National Kitchen & Bath Association, local Home Builders Associations and the Better Business Bureau.

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