Trendy Colors are the New Standard at Grabill

Trendy Colors are the New Standard at Grabill

Grabill Cabinets - Josef Carlock, Dealer Development

“We’ve been asked for years how we can reduce the time and cost of getting custom finishes. As a result, we’ve made a lot of progress with our color matching and Express order system for samples. But, we always knew there was a bigger picture. The ultimate solution is for Grabill to offer trendy colors and finishes as standards.” says Josef Carlock, Dealer Development

We approached our new finish development this year by recognizing the sheer number of custom colors and finishes that have been produced at Grabill. If you’ve been on a factory tour, you’ve seen the shelves and cabinets full of them.

Once a year or so, a group of us head out to the custom finish library to pull colors that seem to be the most popular. From there we will put together a special group like Grabill Grays, or Workshop Collection.

Grabill Wall LibraryOur latest review revealed that most of the trendy colors and custom finishes from 2014 came from Benjamin Moore, so we decided to use Benjamin Moore Color Trends for 2015 as a major influence on our newest standard finishes. We also looked at furniture trends (Brownstone, Lexington Home, Bernhardt, Noir), Color Marketing Group 2015, and KBIS displays including cabinetry, interior furnishings and counter materials from manufacturers like Cambria.

“We’re committed to the process of listening to designer input, staying informed about color trends and keeping our standards relevant.” says Josef.



Over 50 New Standard Finishes for 2015

Grabill Cabinets - Ken Wilson, National Sales Manager

The great news for designers is that we now have a process in place to keep our standards up to date with the latest trendy colors so everyone will save time and money. Custom finishes will always be an option but it’s clear that designers prefer the ease of having trendy standards available, saving them and their clients time and money.

“We want to make it easy for designers to sell Grabill to their clients. When a designer can entice a client with a finish that already exists, they can move that project forward on the spot rather than wait for a custom finish to be developed.” says Ken Wilson, National Sales Manager.

There are 20 new finishes currently being developed at Grabill with approximately 10 more per month to be released monthly through June.

“As we roll out new finishes, we will retire the old so designers don’t have to sort through finishes that are no longer relevant. Retired finishes may be resurrected utilizing our custom finish development and approval processes.” says Josef.


Need to Know:

1. Standard finishes are created for a specific species because Grabill continues to hand sort lumber in order to ensure the final finish is predictable.

2. The most up to date list of standards will be posted in the Partner Center at along with a cross reference to Benjamin Moore colors. The public web page for finishes will also be updated.

3. Samples are available through Grabill’s Express Order system:

  • 10” x 4” aka “The Chip” – use this to help select desired 12” x 15” door style samples
  • 12” x 15” door style (match the finish to a style) – use this for client approvals
  • 15” x 30-½” Base Door/Drawer in either framed or frameless – use this for a full scale example




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