Summary of “Pearls of Wisdom from a Real-Life Kitchen Remodel”

Summary of “Pearls of Wisdom from a Real-Life Kitchen Remodel”

Remodeling your kitchen to fulfill your dreams and wishes is a huge undertaking. So you need all the help you can get. This is why we’re attracted to this article at, Pearls of Wisdom from a Real-Life Kitchen Remodel. It provides valuable insights on what you may wish to consider while designing your kitchen. We recommend that you use Grabill cabinets, the best way to create a one-of-a-kind kitchen that will be your pride and joy for years to come.

Pearls of Wisdom from a Real-Life Kitchen Remodel

In 2011, Houzz Contributor Samantha Schoeh turned her crumbling, 1941 kitchen and dining rooms into beauties of grays, whites and natural wood. Samantha loves her new kitchen — with its copious amount of counter and cupboard space, and its practicality. But when a friend asked her what she wished she had done differently, Samantha reflected, shots some photographs, and wrote down the following thoughts:

  1. Think a lot about the stuff you have, list them, and design your kitchen accordingly. For example, do you have lots of cake pans and cookie sheets? Do you have many tall items — like juicers, blenders and mixers? How many wineglasses do you have?
  2. You probably don’t need a fancy, restaurant-style $6,000 range, even though they’re pretty.
  3. Think about the light you need, then increase it by 50 percent. Light that baby up like a football stadium.
  4. There’s almost nothing as useful as really big, deep drawers for pots, pans and other large items.
  5. A tile backsplash is not necessary, but can make a big difference. Tile is the jewelry of the kitchen.
  6. There is no such thing as a perfectly indestructible countertop. Samantha’s white Caesarstone doesn’t stain or burn, but it has a few small chips in it already.

Some key before/after features about the renovated kitchen and dining room:

  • The inexpensive range, trapped between cupboards with no counter space, was replaced with a modern range, flanked by counters and a dual-purpose vent and microwave on top.
  • Instead of keeping dishes on open shelves, where they look untidy and tend to collect dust, the cookbooks and dry goods occupy the open shelves, and all dishes and glassware are in the cupboards, where they stay nice and clean.
  • Opening up the kitchen to the living room eliminates the feeling of being trapped in the kitchen, while family or guests hang out in the living room.

A favorite feature:

  • The skinny cupboard with vertical pan racks for flat items saves space and makes it easier to locate items.

What Samantha would change:

  • Replace the lazy Susan in one of the corners with pullout cabinets.
  • Make the spice rack more accessible. Placing the spice rack in an upper cupboard next to the range is preferable to the current pullout spice rack that is too far from the range, and Samantha needs to reach down to access items.

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