Summary of “Have Your Open Kitchen and Close It Off, Too”

Summary of “Have Your Open Kitchen and Close It Off, Too”

Is the kitchen of your dreams a cozy place to prepare meals or a spacious area to entertain friends? We were attracted to the article, Have Your Open Kitchen and Close It Off, Too, in, because it shows how your next kitchen can be both. We recommend that you select one-of-a-kind Grabill cabinets to create the kitchen that will be your pride and joy for years to come.

Have Your Open Kitchen and Close It Off, Too

If you’re like most homeowners, you prefer having an open kitchen — with ample space for food preparation, storage and entertaining guests. But what if you prefer keeping your kitchen mess out of the view of your guests, or if you dislike cooking smells wafting through the house? Here are some ways to have the open-plan kitchen when you want it, and all or part of your kitchen closed off when you don’t.

Give Yourself Options

Installing one or more sliding barn doors gives you the flexibility of having an open or closed kitchen. You can close off the busiest part of your kitchen — such as the area near the main sink or range — while you keep the rest of the kitchen open and accessible. To close off the kitchen and retain a light an airy feel, plus suppress cooking smells and sounds, consider installing a door made of translucent material.

Visually Close It Off

By installing mesh metal curtains on a track, your kitchen can easily transition from open to closed, hiding any kitchen messes and discouraging visitors from getting in the way. Another option is designing your kitchen with a peninsula that limits the flow of traffic into the kitchen. This design creates additional space for working and allows the chef to be included in the party.

Raise Your Island

Raising the non-working side of your island is a great way to disguise meal-prep messes and keep guests circulating into your kitchen space. The raised island blocks the view to the kitchen work surfaces — such as the sink and cooktop — and gives visitors a nice place to perch while you work.

Add a Half Wall

Creating a half wall in your kitchen hides most of the work surfaces in the kitchen from view while opening up the kitchen to the adjacent dining space. The chef can easily mingle with and serve guests without having the entire meal prep area on full display.

Vent the Smells

An open-plan kitchen works best with a high-quality, properly powered ventilation hood that vents to the outside, sending the cooking smells away from your family and guests.

Invest in Quieter Appliances

Immersing yourself in meal preparation often means running several appliances simultaneously. If you’re unable to carry on a conversation or hear the TV while the appliances are running, you might want to invest in good, sound-dampened appliances.

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