Summary of “Kitchen Evolution: Work Zones Replace the Triangle”

Summary of “Kitchen Evolution: Work Zones Replace the Triangle”

Thinking about updating your present kitchen or designing one for your new home? You’ll find this article, Kitchen Evolution: Work Zones Replace the Triangle, in most helpful. If you’re looking for custom cabinets that perfectly reflect your tastes and desires, we recommend Grabill cabinets.

Kitchen Evolution: Work Zones Replace the Triangle

Long the standard of kitchen design, the kitchen work triangle — refrigerator, range and sink forming an equilateral triangle — is now being upstaged by a new concept called work zones. The new work zones are more appropriate for today’s large kitchens that have a plethora of appliances and where hosts like cooking and socializing with guests.

Group appliances and fixtures according to use.

To set up work zones in your kitchen, think of the tasks you perform regularly, and place all the needed items in that location. For example, place your dishwasher next to your sink, with compost and garbage bins nearby.

Store what you need where you need it most.

Give yourself enough storage in each zone for what you need to perform the task. In the baking zone, for example, you could store all your bread-making and baking tools in the cabinets below where you knead bread or roll out pizza dough.

Provide landing areas next to major appliances.

Place a countertop landing area next to major kitchen appliances, especially the range, cooktop, microwave and wall ovens. This will enable you to quickly set down a hot object without having to trek halfway across your kitchen.

Create a kids’ zone.

Setting up an area in the kitchen where the kids can hang out, do homework and eat snacks will allow everyone to be in the kitchen without the little ones getting in the way.

Consider a zone for guests.

If you have a large island or peninsula kitchen, designate an area for guests to perch and interact with you while you work.

Widen the aisles.

Whether you choose the traditional work triangle or work zone model, make sure your aisles are at least 42 inches.

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