Summary of “Houzz Quiz: What Style of Kitchen Should You Have?”

Summary of “Houzz Quiz: What Style of Kitchen Should You Have?”

Creating cabinets that help clients express their unique visions of functionality and style is a hallmark of Grabill Cabinets. This is why we’re so delighted with the feature, Houzz Quiz: What Style of Kitchen Should You Have? Based on the preferences you select, the feature presents the kitchen of your dreams.

Houzz Quiz: What Style of Kitchen Should You Have?

The most exciting part of creating a new kitchen or renovating your current one is that you can make it anything you want it to be. For example, you can create a rustic kitchen although you live in the suburbs or an ultra-modern kitchen in your classic farmhouse. This fun quiz takes your preferences in nine areas and suggests the kitchen you really want. Here are the questions:

  1. What do you want most in your kitchen? Choose the single most important element or vibe you’re looking for in a kitchen.
  2. Pick a countertop material. A full list of available countertops.
  3. Pick an accessory. Decorative elements that add personality to your kitchen.
  4. Pick a cooking ingredient. Which condiments or spices do you love using the most?
  5. Pick a palette. Combinations of building materials and/or color combinations.
  6. Where do you wish to live? Choose the location you like the most.
  7. Pick a light fixture. Select the type of lighting you like the best in your dream kitchen.
  8. Pick a dessert. Select your favorite dessert.
  9. Pick a parting phrase. Choose your favorite of 14 ways to say good bye.

Then, voila, the web site gives you the most appropriate type of kitchen, given your preferences, complete with a brief description and photos.

Whether you decide to hire an architect, designer, builder or contractor, make sure your new kitchen cabinets are from Grabill, manufacturers of cabinets that help you achieve the looks and lifestyle that fit you. Use our Dealer Locator to find a local dealer. If you need inspiration, please view our gallery or download our brochure.

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