Summary of Your Guide to Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Summary of Your Guide to Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Updating your kitchen? The article, Your Guide to Choosing Kitchen Cabinets at presents a plethora of options to help you build the kitchen that fulfills your vision for functionality, style and budget. We were drawn to this article because it shows how you, working with your designer, can use Grabill cabinets to create the unique, One of ­a­ Kind kitchen that will be your pride and joy for years to come.

Guidelines for Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

From Shaker to flat panel cabinets, glass knobs to recessed pulls, here are some features designers have selected to help you select your ideal kitchen.

Door Styles

Your cabinet door style may be your biggest kitchen expense. Among the popular options for wooden cabinet doors are louver, flat, inset, bead board or the timeless Shaker style. Ecofriendly materials are now coming into vogue. In addition, glass cabinet doors display your lovely dishes and open up your kitchen. Other options include flip­up doors, pocket doors and corner drawers. Some homeowners opt for open shelving, while others mix and match different styles.

Hardware Styles

Your choice of drawer pulls and knobs makes a big difference in the kitchen’s finished look. Clean, simple, contemporary pulls work best with modern­looking flat­panel cabinets. Raised­panel cabinetry tends to suit traditional kitchens, and classic, old­world fixtures fit this style beautifully.

Colors and Finishes

Colorful kitchen cabinetry has made a big comeback. Try a combination of two different cabinet colors. For the not­too­bold look, contrast a single bright color with neutral finishes. Stains are a great way to get color on your kitchen cabinetry while showing off the wood’s beauty. For a low maintenance option, try a distressed finish. It offers a warm, bright look that can actually embrace wear and tear.

Molding and Details

Adding molding is an easy, great way to enhance the custom look of your cabinetry.

Whether you decide to hire an architect, designer, builder or contractor, make sure your new kitchen cabinets are from Grabill, manufacturer of cabinets that help you achieve the looks and lifestyle that fit you. Use our Dealer Locator to find a local dealer. If you need inspiration, please view our gallery or download our brochure.

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