“A kitchen is the heart of a home.”

Vilas Schertz, Founder

For 75 years, exquisite design and Old-World craftsmanship have made Grabill Cabinets the finest custom kitchen cabinets on the market.

At Grabill Cabinets, we’re known as an exceptional custom cabinet maker, offering unmatched customization. Every aspect of your custom cabinetry is crafted and personalized to your specifications. We blend traditional craftsmanship with modern styles to create durable, beautifully finished cabinets that enhance the natural beauty of the wood.

After World War II, many people began new lives away from the horrors of war. In the small town of Grabill, Indiana, a young man, Vilas Schertz set up shop, building things for friends. He created useful things – things that made life better.

Schertz started with simple wooden cases designed to hold a young homemaker’s dishes. He took his time, giving particular attention to the unseen details that would add strength and durability to the case. Quality craftsmanship was not enough. Vilas went even further. He topped his work with a beautiful finish so that his functional case became a work of beauty.

Vilas quickly gained recognition for his extraordinary work as a custom cabinet maker. The company flourished as people from all over the area sought his designs. While he crafted custom cabinets for every space, the kitchen is where Vilas poured most of his innovative efforts. He firmly believed that the kitchen served as the heart of the home – a sanctuary where families gathered to create cherished memories.

Continually Focusing on Craftsmanship and Beauty

Like days of old, the kitchen remains the epicenter of the home. When you entertain friends, where do they gather? During the holidays, the kitchen is the hub of activity. Even with our hectic schedules, we still enjoy those precious moments when everyone gathers for a family meal.

Vilas believed that the kitchen should be a place of beauty and that philosophy continues. Grabill Cabinets uses only the finest, premium products to build our custom cabinets. We craft each set of cabinets to order, fully customizing every aspect according to your needs.

True Custom Cabinets

Vilas understood the uniqueness of each family. He held the belief then, as we do now, that every kitchen should be tailored to meet the specific needs of its occupants. Our commitment to true custom cabinets ensures that each home reflects the individuals residing within it. From function and style to materials and finishes it’s all chosen by you. Each project is exclusive, ensuring no two are alike. Whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, living room, office, laundry room, or mudroom, every area can be customized to suit your home’s style and functionality.

Enduring Finishes

The inherent beauty of wood remains hidden until the finish is applied. However, the reality of life is that your custom cabinets will see daily use. To demonstrate the durability of his finishes, Vilas would lay his cabinet doors on the floor and let clients walk on them. He would then show how the integrity of the finish held up under duress. With a wipe of a cloth, the beauty of the wood would shine forth once again.

Today, we continue to hold onto the idea that the finish is the key to a beautiful cabinet. We use only the highest solids content for the protection and retention of the wood’s true beauty.

In addition, we provide enduring finishes with rich colors that infuse character into your space. We believe color enhances the room’s ambiance, allowing homeowners to select the one that best reflects their personality.

Finest Cabinetry

Vilas believed that integrity was the highest of values. Second, he believed if a product was worth making, it also needed to have the highest integrity. Therefore, he determined that both the maker and the product would be known as the finest available.

Today, we continue this tradition by crafting the most exquisite custom cabinets available. We infuse every product with the utmost integrity, knowing you seek cabinets that will endure a lifetime. To achieve this, we employ Old-World techniques like dowel joinery for strength and precision. If kitchen cabinets could be passed down through generations, ours would be cherished as a family heirloom. We believe that the heart of your home deserves nothing less than the finest materials and craftsmanship.

Make Your Dream Kitchen Come True