Special Grabill Touches Ready for the Client Who Wants More

Special Grabill Touches Ready for the Client Who Wants More

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It’s fun when you get a client who wants nothing but the best and is willing to pay for it. Great design freedom. The challenge, though, then becomes meeting those expectations. That’s the challenge Jim Deen felt when a customer he had worked for previously came to him with a kitchen project.

“The kitchen for normal standards wasn’t bad to begin with,” explained Jim, designer and president of Kitchen Kraft, a full home design/remodeling firm located in downtown Columbus. “However, this homeowner already had several houses across the country and just knew that there was better out there.”

The homeowner also had a passion for woodworking and wanted a kitchen that had the look of fine furniture and much more cabinet space. Jim showed him Grabill’s unique LeMitre custom door style and hand rubbed finishes. The client was immediately sold on those elements, among other things, and asked Jim to put it all together in an exceptional design. “He was familiar with our workmanship and trusted us,” said Jim. Still, “It’s one thing to show a client a door or something on a computer screen, but the challenge is in delivering the high level of quality he was looking for.”

With Grabill, Jim knew he had some aces in his pocket. First, was the LeMitre door style, which has no molding but is directly carved from a solid 1 ½-inch thick piece of wood. “Grabill is the only manufacturer I’ve ever heard of to do something like that,” said Jim.

Then, the perimeter cabinets, made from maple wood with a painted finish in Travatine Glaze, were also hand rubbed with steel wool to achieve a final, piano-like finish. Once the owner felt this unique finish “he had to have it,” said Jim.

Also, the cabinet door frames were 5/4-inch thick rather than the normal ¾ inch. “This gives the door a whole other look and makes the door stand out even more,” said Jim. “The door looks actually recessed in the frame. Then put a decorative edge around it and it’s just something you’re not going to see walking into your neighbor’s house. It’s something very rare and special that only Grabill offers. It’s another aspect that separates Grabill from the competition.”

Grabill also made the island all in one piece, even the baseboards. Made of alder, it features a Spanish cottage finish for the LeMitre door style and “all I had to do was take it out of the box and put it on the floor,” said Jim. His biggest job with the island was probably getting all the inside and outside door measurements correct and compatible with the finished piece so he could get it into the kitchen. In fact, said Jim, most of the cabinets were made as part of a single piece, making for “a very seamless” kitchen.

Other helpful touches that Grabill provided included finishing the Corinthian columns for the opening at the same time it finished the cabinets to ensure an exact match. The Travatine Glaze brought a new brightness to the area as wood panels covered just about everything from the refrigerator and freezer to the wine cooler and the dishwasher. An added piece of high-end sparkle was added with an 18-karat platinum plated tile above the range.

Add heated marble floors and a Juperana Cascadura granite countertop for the island, and the homeowner got his furniture look and much more. “He was so thrilled with us he retained us to do his master bath,” said Jim., who called the whole project “very fun” in being able put together a one-of-a-kind design with the help of Grabill’s custom capabilities. For clients who want something better, something more, Jim stands ready with Grabill to meet the challenge

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