No One Processes an Order like Grabill

No One Processes an Order like Grabill

Every cabinetry or furniture order that comes through Grabill is thoroughly checked by our Order Process Team (formerly known as the Layout Department). We have made a few updates in recent months – like renaming the department – but the result is a smoother flow for your order with several additional check processes.

All orders will still receive the same level of care you have come to expect from Grabill – an initial review of required materials (floor plans, appliance information, etc.) received; a review by one of our layout experts to make sure the space “works” (floor plan, elevations, appliance spacing, etc.); and final proof drawings for your approval before we build a single cabinet.

We have added several additional layers of quality control, without sacrificing timely response. Our new process also includes an engineering review where our most experienced engineers review any ambiguous or complex items in the orders. Our goal is to help our dealers create the space as they envision it – without any on-site glitches.

Insider tip: Grabill maintains an electronic library of appliance specs in our Order Process Department. When you specify an appliance for a space, part of our review process includes referencing the information you supply against our archive of appliance specs. Our goal is to ensure your design vision flows without any potential problems like awkward gaps in spacing or not having enough clearance above an appliance.

If you have any questions about Order Processing, please contact Mike Gross (

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