New Grabill ‘Workshop Collection’ Extols the Latest Design Trends

New Grabill ‘Workshop Collection’ Extols the Latest Design Trends

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If you want to see what the latest cabinet door styles and finishes that designers across the country are actually using at the moment, look no further than the new collection of transitional and contemporary cabinetry from Grabill Cabinets.

This grouping showcases some splashy new finishes on the most popular wood species, including some specialty veneer options. “These are examples of the interior selections our designers have requested for client projects over the past several months,” said Josef Carlock, who works with Grabill’s dealer development.

“People are always asking us, ‘What’s new?’ All these finishes, wood species and styles come from actual custom projects we’ve completed recently for designers. We thought folks would enjoy seeing how the current design trends are impacting the products we’re making. So we decided to share them through this beautiful photo collection. This is literally a retrospective sneak peek into our custom workshop intended to inspire creativity and offer our designers some fresh ideas for their prospective clients.”

The current transitional and contemporary design trends are clearly seen in this finish grouping, said Josef. Cherry, Maple, White Oak Rift-Cut and Walnut are very popular species on which we feature intriguing paints and stains. “The smooth, simplicity of Maple and the straight linear grain of White Oak Rift-cut reflect the character of today’s modern interiors.”

This collection also includes stylish and popular veneers such as Bamboo and Quartered Figured Anigre. “There are definitely some trendy and exotic looks here,” said Josef. “And it’s exciting to see how well they work with our transitional and contemporary door styles.”

Josef said a new generation of buyers with a new philosophy about styles, colors and textures are driving today’s style decisions. One reason Bamboo is popular, for example, is that it is seen as a renewable resource — a “green” material for a generation concerned about sustainability. In addition, Bamboo’s uniquely figured grain and lighter color tones brighten and define open spaces with clean lines, giving a room distinctive character that sparks conversation among friends.

Today’s interior design is about the intelligent use of color and the welcoming feeling of openness. “It’s the colors and visual textures that really make these styles stand out,” said Josef. “And that’s something we take pleasure in doing. The personalized products now coming through our workshop have a lot of relevance for those searching popular websites for design ideas. We hope this collection puts some more good ideas out there.”

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