Hinge and Guide Replacement

The end user or the dealer would need to ship the damaged hardware back to Blum, they would then inspect the damage and if it is a manufacturing defect or failure, they would replace the product only at their discretion. Below is the process for Blum warranty claims.

Warranty & Replacements

Get all of the information you need for your replacement or warranty item right here.

Blum products are covered by a limited warranty. We’d be glad to assist you in replacing your parts.
Please read the instructions below before calling in to ensure that we are able to assist you as quickly as possible:

  • There will be a $12.00 processing fee, so please have your credit card ready.
  • Be prepared to write down a confirmation and order number.
  • The defective part should be removed from cabinet to help us identify what is needed – we will need the part numbers on the front and back.
  • Please know the quantity needing to be replaced prior to calling.
  • Please check to make sure the limited lifetime warranty is to the original homeowner.
  • Once you have called in to our customer service team and placed the order, they will process your card. You will receive an email once the order is shipped.
  • Please note – If you are replacing any of the products below, it will need to be sent in for replacement: AVENTOS, TANDEM, MOVENTO, LEGRABOX, or SERVO-DRIVE.

When you are ready, contact Blum Customer Service team at 704-827-1345 and they will be happy to assist you.

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