Grabill Helps Kitchen Renovation to a Fabulous Finish

Grabill Helps Kitchen Renovation to a Fabulous Finish

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The client wanted a full house renovation. Inside and out. By Thanksgiving. And it was already October.

But it was also a designer’s dream, said Brandie McCoy, designer for Insignia Kitchen & Bath in Barrington, Ill., near Chicago. “They were not afraid of color and we were designing this space for them and not worried about resale and staying neutral. I wanted to suggest a color in the cabinetry they would not grow tired of. The client’s favorite color was green, so we looked at options from Grabill.”

However the first challenge was establishing an architectural style that stayed true with the neighborhood and reflected the client’s tastes. They settled on a Craftsman style while adding rustic contemporary elements as a secondary style throughout the interior space.

With the kitchen, layout planning proved to be difficult. The solution was taking down a wall between the kitchen and dining room. “It opened up the floor plan and immediately made the house seem larger without adding any square footage,” said Brandie. “Furthermore, the functionality of the kitchen and dining room became much more suited to this family’s needs with the new layout.”

The kitchen cabinet option they arrived at with Grabill was a custom color and distressing package for the green cabinets. At the same time, the island and beverage center were finished with a complementing wood stain on maple, also custom. They used Grabill’s G05, which has a matte sheen, on both finishes.

The details ….
Door style: Perimeter cabinets: Dawson Creek Villager; Island and Beverage Center: Newport Villager
Wood species: Maple for cabinetry. Cherry for table.
Finish: Perimeter cabinets: WTPG 8281 SAD; Island and beverage center: TG6854 SAD; Table: Espresso.

The eye-catching “contemporary rustic look” really stood out because of the detailed finishes Brandie trusted Grabill to provide. “Grabill’s finishing department is second to none when it comes to developing custom finishes. Trying to fabricate a rustic look that doesn’t look manufactured is no easy task, but Grabill can absolutely achieve that.”

And Grabill’s custom abilities don’t just pertain to cabinets. “We also custom-designed a table for the breakfast area with Grabill,” she said. “We provided the original drawings and Grabill made the customer furniture piece a reality. They also finished six raw chairs that we outsourced to match.”

All this was done with the Thanksgiving deadline looming. “Grabill worked with us most expeditiously. They knew what we were dealing with. It was a tight schedule and I did not sleep much the week leading up to the deadline,” said Brandie. But voilà! Brandie’s team finished it the Tuesday before the big holiday, and the cleaning crew came in Wednesday morning.

Suffice it to say it was a very happy Thanksgiving for all concerned!

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