Grabill Grays: Ten Sample Finishes Offered in Trending Colors

Grabill Grays: Ten Sample Finishes Offered in Trending Colors

GRABILL, Ind. — Grabill Cabinet Company will now be offering cabinet dealers and designers 10 sample selections of gray finishes available for immediate order from Grabill.

These paint and paint/glaze samples display a variety of hues in the lighter and darker shades being used in some of the most popular designs today.

“Gray and its many shades has taken off as a new neutral for many designs, either as an overall color scheme or as an accent in providing a more contemporary, understated edge to a design,” said Josef Carlock of Grabill Dealer Development. “Designers have been asking us what we have been cooking up this year in the gray family of colors.”

“In these conversations we realized that just knowing we have something already formulated can be a big help to them in quickly turning a sale, and we want to support them by making these 10 color samples readily available.”

GrayPaintFinishesImage copy

10” X 4” blocks may be ordered just for viewing the different finishes. Blocks are intended to help with selecting 12” X 15” sample doors, which should be ordered in a particular style.

“It has always been a priority with Grabill to make sure our dealers have the proper tools to help clients imagine the possibilities. We want our dealers to take full advantage of the current trend in gray finishes and let them know we’re right there for them as design needs and inspirations evolve.”

For more about Grabill Gray, call 877-472-2782.

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