Environmental Stewardship

Strong Commitment to the Environment

The Grabill Cabinet Company is strongly committed to the environment and maintaining the quality of natural settings we influence. We will seek to preserve the ecosystems surrounding our facilities as well as the regions shaped by our suppliers. We will focus on the three core areas of Environmental Stewardship: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

A “Green” task force will meet regularly to review progress and evaluate new opportunities for environmental stewardship.

For more information, please download and read through our Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Reducing Use

Grabill will evaluate ways to reduce materials used to conduct business and produce our products. We will pursue opportunities for transitioning to materials or products that use less virgin material in favor of recycled content.

  • Green Purchasing – Vendors will be evaluated on the recycled content of their products, sustainable practices, and impact of their processes on the ecosystems they influence.
  • Factory Processes – Production staff will examine ways to use offal material in our finished product as well as reuse materials where feasible in production.
  • Office Practices – Employees will strive to reduce their waste of supplies, taking advantage of electronic tools available for collaboration and communication. Where possible, customers will receive electronic communications instead of paper-based documents. Employees will share resources and tools when possible to reduce the number of new items purchased.
  • Energy Consumption – Facilities will be evaluated on an ongoing basis for opportunities to introduce new lighting, heating, and production equipment that use less energy or creates less waste. Employees will shut off machinery when not in use and shut down sections of our facility when not occupied.

Reusing Products

  • Production Materials – We will evaluate reusable fixtures, tools, and materials for our production processes. Where possible, purchase or make non-disposable items that may be used multiple times. Tools that have exhausted their life at the plant are offered to employees at no charge.
  • Office Supplies -We encourage employees to completely use supplies before recycling or discarding them.
  • Technology Warranties – Our Information Technology team will extend the life of our electronics and computer technology by utilizing extended warranties and replacement parts instead of replacement.

Recycling Materials

  • Scrap Wood – Scrap wood will be ground to saw dust as bedding for local animal farmers or other non-disposal avenues.
  • Paper and Cardboard – Used paper and cardboard from our office and production facility will be gathered for recycling.
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