Bulletin 2011-06

Bulletin 2011-06

Grabill is pleased to announce new Transitional door styles and new finishes to inspire your next design!

Door styles

Two new door styles complement transitional interiors:

Asheville: Asheville with its broad frame profile, its quaint applied molding bead and its
recessed panel attracts interest and adds design versatility to interiors incorporating a variety of
style elements.

Halls Creek: Halls Creek with its intriguingly broad beveled rails creates a horizontal pattern of
play, evoking thoughtful expressions and inspiring creative ideas.

Whether applying a warm stain or a cool opaque finish, these Grabill door styles lend
themselves to any space where form and function join hands with your imagination.


We also offer two new finish selections. Ashley Gray GO20 is a warm, soft, tan‐gray enamel at 15% and
Sedona GO20, a dark chocolate brown stain developed for Maple at 8%.

If your dealership is on our Automatic Base Sample program, you will receive the Asheville (Indor 5) door
style base sample in Maple, Ashley Gray GO20 and the Halls Creek FO door style base sample in Maple
Sedona GO20.

Quoting and Ordering

These new door styles and finishes may be entered as a SPECIAL in our software for ease of quoting and
ordering; also see the design and pricing details for both of these new door styles on the following


Contact our Customer Care team at 260.207.5500 for questions about these exciting new offerings.
Thank you for your partnership with Grabill!

Very best regards,

Josef C. Carlock
Dealer Development

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