“Beefier” Doors, Seamless Looks and Special Touches

“Beefier” Doors, Seamless Looks and Special Touches

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You could call it a heavy lift. But in the end it was no problem.

That’s because kitchen designer Edan Dayan knows that when a customer presents him with something out of the ordinary, and then asks if he can do it, there’s only one answer: “Yes we can!”

Edan can say that because he knows that’s the answer he will get from Grabill too. So when a couple came into the Botello Kitchen Design Center in Masphee, Ma., talking about these traditional cabinets they had seen somewhere with heavy-duty, inch-thick doors, “Yes” is what Edan told them, even though he had no samples of such in his extensive showroom. But he knew Grabill could get him some just based on his drawing.

After looking over a variety of custom-made samples, including one that even required new tooling, the client decided on 5/4-inch inset doors in maple in what Edan calls a traditional beaded inset style with a painted Super White finish.

Pretty simple and straightforward, right? Well maybe not if you’re making a line of inset cabinets look seamless, or making a see-through archway separating the kitchen from the enclosed patio through a combination of mullion cabinets with glass on two, three and four sides, complete with interior and counter lighting. Or how about constructing and transporting the guts of an eight-foot long island (a total of five cabinets) as a single piece?

“That was a risk,” Edan said of transporting most of the large island structure undamaged. But that, too, went through without a problem, although it took five guys, including Edan, to get it down from the truck bed, through an unfinished doorway, and into the kitchen,

For all the clean, flush look of simplicity fostered by the seamless inset style, integrating the glass cabinets with the marble countertop and the electrical lines, and adding touches like a rope motif inserted in the backsplash, range hood and molding, there were also a myriad of technical details to address.

“This is where Grabill excels,” said Edan. “With this kind of project, without someone on the manufacturing end with the patience, the experience and the willingness to want to make it happen, you can’t do it. You just can’t do it.”

“So the manufacturer has to have people in place who understand this. Who want to work with what you have and what you need and solve it like a puzzle. You have this idea a client says yes to — and Grabill says ‘yes, we want to accommodate you.’ Everything is worked through so when it arrives at the job site everything comes together nicely.”

Rich Pence helped with this particular project, “but I’ve worked with all the layout people. They’re all fantastic,” said Edan

And Edan’s clients are thrilled they got something quite distinctive. The 5/4-inch door gives the cabinets “a beefier, heavier look. The bead is a little more pronounced,” said Edan “It comes off as something traditional and substantial, something of better quality.”

Substance and quality? Mmmm. That is something to say yes to!

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