8 Kitchen Amenities

8 Kitchen Amenities

Treating each client as a unique, one­ of ­a ­kind individual is a foundation stone of Grabill Cabinets. This is why we’re so impressed with this article, 8 Kitchen Amenities You’ll Really Wish You Had, at houzz.com. It presents some cutting-edge ideas to make your new or existing kitchen more than just a kitchen – a reflection of your ideas, personality and lifestyle.

8 Kitchen Amenities You’ll Really Wish You Had

Say goodbye to wasting time in your kitchen trying to find what you need, and to hoping your kitchen were more user­friendly. Here are eight enhancements to help you cook, clean and stay organized with minimal effort. These features can be retrofitted into existing cabinetwork, or designed into your planned custom cabinets, such as one­ of ­a kind Grabill cabinets.

Food wrap drawer. Eliminate the mess and disorder of your current wrap drawer by slipping a food­wrap divider inside an existing kitchen drawer.

Storage for rolling pins. Keep your rolling pins within reach by installing handy horizontal slots. They take up no more than 6 inches of depth, making them easy to add to the end of any cabinet run.

Water on/off pedal. Forget soiling your faucet with messy hands. Convenient, dentist ­office-style foot pedal lets you turn your faucet on and off, getting you hot water, cold water or both.

Under­counter composting unit. Take the complication out of composing by installing an under­counter composting unit. Simply wipe your food waste off the counters and into the bin.

Mixer garage. Keep this handy mixer garage out of the way but easy to access. A tambour-style door lifts up, while the entire shelf pulls forward.

Mobile butcher block island. A built­in butcher block top makes prep easy. Prefer your butcher block out of sight when not in use? No problem. A mobile prep cabinet can be pulled out when needed and stashed beneath the counter when not in use.

Handy step stool. Reach high up into your cabinets without having to worry about the clutter of a bulky step stool. An ultrathin step stool slips right inside a discreet drawer.

Protected pet station. Keep your kitchen free of pet­feeding clutter by installing a built­in feeding station. It has a drawer above each bowl for treats, medication and leashes.

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