New Grabill Finishes Spring 2013

New Grabill Finishes Spring 2013

Grabill loves being a matchmaker — of finishes.

Designers looking to complement a key piece of furniture, or seeking a special finish to accent or pull together certain elements of a design, or simply wanting to deliver a color their customer really likes, can look to Grabill as a trusted matchmaker for whatever finish their mind’s eye can imagine. Client inspirations may begin from a photo in a magazine, but Grabill can make those finishes a vivid reality.

“People are always asking if we can do this or that for a custom finish, or match this color scheme. Our answer is always ‘Yes!’ “ says Josef Carlock of Grabill Dealer Development.

The examples presented here include a custom door featuring a worn, aqua-like finish for a Rohan door style in maple with a custom wear-through paint glaze, and a yellowish green on an Avalon door in maple also with a custom paint glaze finish. Another unique example is the Lebinnin style frame in White Oak rift-cut with the Klise grille insert and a custom purple stained glaze.

“Some paint glazes are the kind of colors than can make people either go “Ugh, who would want to order that, or Wow!” laughed Josef. “But this is what we do. We create one of a kind, truly personalized products for our customers. Something you’re not going to find in a typical catalog or website. That’s how we serve our customers. There are many custom cabinet companies that do not touch color matches or provide personalization like Grabill does. We love the opportunity to do the unusual or the unique.”


Photos (left to right)

  • Avalon Maple with custom paint glaze.
  • Rohan Maple with custom wear-through paint glaze.
  • Lebinnin White Oak rift-cut in custom purple stained glaze.




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